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Cajun Navy: Who Are These People?

My wife related an encounter with the Cajun Navy, while working as part of a crisis support group in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey (2017). A representative of the Cajun Navy showed up at the prison where her team was responding. Because my wife was responsible for all staff and family support, the Cajun Navy sought her out and asked what they could do to help. The emergency response team was working closely with FEMA and the Red Cross, but they were uncertain about who or what the Cajun Navy was. My wife had seen something on the news about guys with boats rescuing stranded citizens. A little doubtful about their relevance to her team’s operation, she asked what the Cajun Navy was offering. The guy said, “Anything. What do you need?” He offered water, food, clothing, and transportation. However, he continued to emphasize the word “anything.” My wife said they could use a hot meal for about 250 personnel. She explained how the staff were living on site to care for the 6,000 inmates who were in the prison and the emergency responders providing support to the families of officers adversely affected by Hurricane Harvey. Without hesitation, the Cajun Navy rep said, “Okay. Are you asking for food for the inmates, too?” To make certain he understood the situation fully, she carefully reiterated that there were 6000 inmates. “Right,” the guy said. “Are you needing us to feed them?”

In relating the story to me, my wife said with amazement, “Who are these people?!? This Cajun Navy is far more than guys with boats! They appear to be very well connected to a deep network of caring and motivated people!”

Because there was ample food on hand for the inmates, the offer of food for the 6000 was declined. 

The Cajun Navy brought a hot meal to emergency personnel and officers. It was Cajun food, which was delicious and gratefully received by staff and emergency responders. 

Coming together and providing aid during times of great difficulty is one of the most beautiful things about being an American. God bless the Cajun Navy and the families who support them!