Las Vegas: The Cost of Our Wild West Gun Culture

It took 15 minutes for one man to fire thousands of rounds down on 22,000 concert goers in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. There were 59 killed and hundreds injured in the deadliest shooting rampage in modern American history. 

Save your breath with friends/families and forget about any Facebook campaigns to draw attention to this tragedy. Prayers, condolences, and flags at half staff are the best we can hope for. 

Gun enthusiasts are a loud group and well financed. What they want is worth more than your freedom. Open carry is worth more than your freedom to feel safe in a grocery store. Being able to sell guns with hardly a background check is worth much more than your freedom to attend large public gatherings with peace of mind. Purchasing guns that can be easily converted to human murder machines is worth more than the freedom of you child to safely attend school.

This is the era of the Wild West Gun Culture. Our children and grandchildren will study our political paralysis. Historians will write about how we undervalued our own freedom so gun enthusiasts could walk the streets packing heat.

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